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11.27.2023 – Renovation Updates: Restoring Our Carnegie Roots

After the library faced significant flooding, the urgency to waterproof and upgrade crucial systems became apparent. However, the idea to renovate the Carnegie wing emerged shortly after director Tonya Garcia had ceiling tiles removed and discovered hidden remnants of the original library, built over 100 years ago.

Director Garcia set out to secure funding to refurbish the library, intending to restore its majestic Carnegie origins. Soon after, the library successfully applied for the NJ Library Construction Bond Act.

If you’ve driven past, you might have noticed the renovation is well underway.  We’re thrilled to show you a glimpse of what’s to come here, including:

✅ Arched glass entryway window, a nod to the classic Carnegie design

✅ Indoor columns (some original), accentuating the original ceiling design

✅ Newly elevated ceiling revealing the original Carnegie windows

✅ A traditional color palette, complemented by our cherished Long Branch Green hues

✅ A transition from fluorescent lighting to pendulum lighting in key areas, echoing the timeless sophistication of the original Carnegie design.

In addition to this renovation, major system upgrades such as efficient lighting, waterproofing, a new HVAC system, and a generator are being installed. New rooms including a new local history room, teen room, and sensory room are also in the works! Stay updated on our progress through our social media channels and website.

We extend our gratitude to DIGroupArchitecture for their beautiful renderings. This endeavor was made possible by the New Jersey State Library, the City of Long Branch, the Long Branch Public Library Board of Trustees and the voters who overwhelmingly supported the act, ensuring that our historic building endures for generations to come!

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