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Celebrate Pride!

Read on for our top 10 Pride Month recommendations.

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by Alice Oseman

Boy meets boy. Boys
become friends. Boys fall
in love. A sweet and
charming coming-of-age
story that explores
friendship, love, and
coming out.

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by K. Ancrum

A reimagining of the tale
of Icarus as a star-crossed
love story between a
young art thief and the
son of the man he’s been
stealing from.

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Maybe Meant to Be
by K.L. Walther

From the New York Times
bestselling author of The
“Summer of Broken
Rules” comes a high
school romance that
flips the switch on the will
they or won’t they trope.

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It Came From the Closet
by Joe Vallese

Through the lens of horror
—from “Halloween” to
“Hereditary”—queer and
trans writers consider the
films that deepened,
amplified, and illuminated
their own experiences.

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In the Lives of Puppets
by TJ Klune

Bestselling author TJ
Klune invites you deep
into the heart of a
peculiar forest and on
the extraordinary
journey of a family
assembled from spare

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The Guncle Abroad
by Steven Rowley

Patrick O’Hara is called
back to his guncle duties
. . . This time for a big
family wedding in Italy.

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Don’t Want You Like a
Best Friend

by Emma R. Alban

A queer Victorian
romance in which two
debutantes distract
themselves from having
to seek husbands by
setting up their widowed

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Bookshops & Bonedust
by Travis Baldree

Set in the world of New
York Times bestselling
“Legends & Lattes”, Travis
Baldree’s “Bookshops &
Bonedust” takes us on a
journey of high fantasy, first
loves, and secondhand

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Camp Damascus
by Chuck Tingle

A searing and earnest
horror debut about the
demons the queer
community faces in
America, the price of
keeping secrets, and
finding the courage to
burn it all down.

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The Song of Achilles
by Madeline Miller

A captivating retelling of
the Iliad that unfolds the
intimate and profound
relationship between
Achilles and Patroclus,
blending romance and

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